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Roping The Virgin (Cowboys & Virgins #2)(4)
Author: Alexa Riley

I feel a weight lift off my shoulders. I was so worried about what my dad would say that I didn’t allow myself to be excited about the possibility. Reaching out, I hug him and then my sister. They all talk excitedly about the job and how much experience I’ll be getting.

I think about the money I’ll be able to save and send back to them while I’m working. The letter said I’d be staying on the Braided Rope Ranch south of town. I’m not familiar with all the farms yet, but Dr. Long said that this one was exactly what I was looking for. That I’d get experience with large animals and that there was plenty to look after.

For some reason the man with steel-blue eyes who always watches me comes to mind. I shake it off, not wanting to put that in my mind right now. Those eyes follow me every time I’m in town. And the way he tries to get my attention… I’ve had to focus on my family and on my work, and I don’t have time for men, despite the feeling that always comes to life when I think about him or see him.

I’m twenty-three and have never been kissed, but there’s time for that later. I can’t keep daydreaming about the tall dark-haired beast of a man who won’t stop smiling at me. The kind of smile that looks like he’s been doing it his whole life. The kind of smile that makes my knees weak so all I can do is fall into his arms. His T-shirts stretched tight by those thick arms of his. His dirty jeans and boots that make him look like he’s been in a field all day. His big hands that I’m sure would feel rough against my untouched skin.

“Luciana,” my sister says, snapping her fingers in front of me.

“Oh, sorry,” I say, trying to push away the lust fog I was in.

“Are you feeling okay? Your cheeks are flushed.” She puts the back of her hand to my forehead, and I push it away.

“I’m fine. I’m just going to pack some of my things. The letter says I start as soon as possible.”

I tell everyone good night and make my way up to my small room in the finished attic. I gave up my bedroom for the kids, and the third floor is more private, anyway. When I close the door behind me, I walk over and sit down on my bed, putting my face in my hands.

I can’t believe I got so lost thinking about him. I’ve never been so hung up on a man before. Any man before. I’ve never so much as given a thought to falling in love. Sure, I see what Fernanda and Mateo have, and I want it, but actually having that with someone wasn’t part of my plan. My life has been about finishing school and helping my family as much as I can. But ever since those eyes saw me, I haven’t been able to get them out of my mind.

Falling back on the bed, I close my eyes and see him. Standing there in the middle of town looking like a god among men. Looking like the type of man that would take what he wanted and ask questions later.

In my mind, a fantasy forms. The stranger stomping over to me and grabbing me by the waist. His full lips coming to mine, me being carried away by him. His size and strength no match for me. I feel the heat between my legs pulse.

I tell myself I’ll pack later… This vision is too good to stop now.

Chapter 3


“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

I stop in my tracks, turning to look at Ben, one of the hands who’s been working for me for a few years now. He leans against one of the posts on my wraparound porch and stares at me. I’ve been pacing in this spot since the sun started to come up. It’s all I can seem to do at the moment.

“You got a fucking shirt or something?” I toss my own question back. He glances down at his bare chest. It’s not uncommon to not have a shirt on around here, but it looks like I’m going to have to make a new rule or something. That shit won’t be flying once Luciana gets here. Which should be any minute. I don’t like the idea of her seeing anyone without a shirt besides me.

“That’s actually why I came over. Ripped the shit out of mine on a fence and I wanted to see if you had one I could borrow. I’m doing field work today and don’t want the sun on my back burning the hell out of me,” he says, still eyeing me like I’m acting funny. Probably because I am. I’ve been acting funny since Luciana came into my life, and each day is getting worse. I’m hoping having her here will cool the edge and help me revert to not being an asshole. It’s almost like Ty and I have switched spots. Now I’m the asshole and he’s the one who can’t stop smiling like he doesn't have a care in the world. I used to be like thatcarefreeuntil the world showed me what I was missing.

It’s then I see the ripped shirt in his hand. I shake my head and take another deep breath. Recently I’ve been trying it to calm myself. The counting thing wasn't working, but this doesn't seem to be either. Nothing is. One would have thought I’d cool down a little once Luciana took the job. But I haven’t. In fact, I think I’ve only gotten worseknowing how close I am to having her under my roof. Knowing each night when I go to bed she’s under my roof, and I have no intention of ever letting her leave.

I feel like a teenage boy who’s never talked to a girl before. She’s about to show up here and I’m probably going to make an ass out of myself. The always calm and collected me is anything but at this moment.

“Yeah, come on.” I open the front door and heads toward my room to grab the shirt. When I get back to the living room Ben’s standing there looking all around. I hand him the shirt, but he’s still not looking at me.

“What’s happening here?” he asks, motioning at the room. I feel myself actually start to fucking blush. I turn to mask it, walking over to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. It’s the only thing in the kitchen I can make without burning, and that’s only because Dolly got me some fancy machine that pretty much works itself. It’s even on a timer.

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