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Roping The Virgin (Cowboys & Virgins #2)(16)
Author: Alexa Riley

Chapter 9


“Oh God, are you naked?”

I close my eyes and then open them again, trying to see if I’m dreaming. I’ve been having trouble distinguishing with all the visions I’ve been having. The moon streams in from the windows and the glow lights up her skin. Her hair is undone and hanging all around her. She giggles a sweet throaty laugh as she leans down, pressing her bare body against me. I inwardly curse myself for not having at least taken my shirt off before I crawled into bed with her last night. I climbed in fully clothed and wrapped myself around her.

I thought the more I had separating us, the better. Now I’m questioning everything. I sure as hell didn’t expect to wake up to my woman straddling me. Naked. In fact, I thought I might wake to a hellcat who was pissed I stormed into the bar and punched someone just for touching her.

As if reading my mind, she slides her hands under my shirt and drags it up my torso. Her lips follow suit, trailing soft kisses as she works her way up my body. Tentative as first, but each one starts to linger longer, her tongue coming out for a taste of me. I reach out, wrapping one hand in her thick hair, grabbing as much of it as I can hold. I’ve fantasized about doing that from the first moment I saw her.

“Tell me I’m not dreaming.” My words sound pained. She takes a little bite of my chest, making me jerk. I close my eyes tight, trying to keep from cumming. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d woken up from a dream of her straddling me and discovering I’d cum on myself.

“That feel like a dream?” She looks up at me, and I hate that it’s dark and I can’t fully see her eyes. I bring my other hand to her hair and start to pull her towards me. I sit up to meet her halfway and our mouths connect, molding together like we’ve been doing it forever.

She moans into my mouth, and all control snaps. I have her on her back and beneath me before I even tell my body what to do. I can’t stop myself. I deepen the kiss, wanting to get as far inside her as I can. Wanting to taste every inch of her. Needing it more than I’ve ever needed anything.

She grinds her body against me, making it clear what she wants. I pull back and look down at her. Her eyes are wide, and seeing her naked beneath me is almost my undoing.

“Más,” she says, asking for more. Then she moves under me, moaning. I wonder if she’s still a little drunk. We could have only been asleep a few hours. I want her to remember our first time together, but I can give her more.

“I’ve got you, mi alma.” She gasps as I call her my soul. “I know what you need, and I’ll give it to you.”

I take her nipple into my mouth as she digs her fingers into my hair. I suck and lick the tight peak before moving to the next. My hands roam her body, wanting to touch every part of her.

She says my name in breathy moans, and it makes cum leak out of my cock. He’s begging for a taste of her for himself, but this is about her. My sweet Luciana. Everything would always be about making her happy, giving her anything she wants, to make her need me. I want her to crave my touch and to bind her to me so she’ll never leave.

I make my way down her body, giving her small kisses like she did me. Her legs spread wide, but her hips keep moving. She wants this as much as I do. I curse myself again for not having flipped on the nightstand light. I want to see all of her. Every inch exposed to me.

“Blake, please. I…” she trails off, the need thick in her voice.

I slide my hands under her ass, lifting her pussy to my mouth. I take one long lick, tasting every part of her, before circling her clit and taking it into my mouth. I suck gently and her body jerks as she screams out my name. Her legs tense, and she grips my hair tighter as she climaxes.

I grunt as I feel her release, and then I do the same, cumming in my jeans. We were both so close to the edge, this little taste was all it took to send us over. This has happened hard and fast with us, so I’m not surprised this was any different. It’s like we’ve been walking through the desert and we’re drinking water for the first time. I can’t get enough.

But what runs deeper between us has been building a lot longer than tonight. The tease of the last few months is crashing down around us. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she was the one. All this waiting for her to get here has been torture. But as she cums against my mouth and I cum into my pants, I know it was all worth it. I hump the bed shamelessly, not caring how pathetic this might make me look, because it’s the best orgasm of my life.

I could spend eternity between her legs.

When her body finally relaxes and all the soft pulses have stopped, I give her pussy one final kiss. I make my way up, running my lips over her curves along the way, enjoying the feel of her round hips and little tummy against my mouth. She makes humming sounds each time my lips touch her skin, until I’m finally at her mouth, taking another kiss.

When we are both breathless, I pull away and rest my forehead to hers. “Sleep, mi alma.”

Her eyes stay closed as I pull her into my arms and wrap my body around hers. I never want to let her go.

Chapter 10


When I wake, I feel the warmth of the sun on my back and the warmth of Blake under me. I blush a little thinking about what we did last night. The leftover buzz from the tequila made me bold, but it was exactly what I’d wanted. What I’d been afraid to ask for sooner. I’ve wanted Blake since before I even knew who he was. When he was just a man who couldn’t keep his eyes off me.

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