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Roping The Virgin (Cowboys & Virgins #2)(17)
Author: Alexa Riley

I’m sure I could have found out in town months ago who he was, but something about that didn’t seem right. It was almost like I knew in my heart that one day I would find my way to him at the exact time I was supposed to. That things were coming together as fate intended. And lying here in bed with him now, it feels as though the time has finally arrived. I’m done waiting. I’m taking what I want. No more soft touches or quick kisses. I want Blake, and he’s going to be mine. All of him. I know this is where I belong, and we’ve waited long enough for this.

Blake’s big hands squeeze my ass, and I smile to myself. He’s had my cheeks gripped tight since I rolled over onto his chest. At some point I’d even stripped him of his shirt and jeans, leaving him only in his underwear. But now as I lie spread on top of him, I feel the naked head of his cock at my opening.

I look down and see that his hard cock has popped through the slit of his boxers, his wide girth no match for the tiny button. I spread my legs a little more and let his hard warmth press against my wetness. Oh God. That feels so good. So right.

“Lucy,” Blake moans as I allow his tip to enter me.

I glance at his eyes and see they’re still closed, so I decide to be a little bolder. I scoot down a tiny bit more, letting another inch of his massive length inside me. Wanting to feel as connected to him as possible. I want him in me, even if it’s only this little bit.

When I feel a tightness, I stop my progress. My virginity is stopping him from entering me, so I wait, remaining still as I try to relax. I move slowly, letting his first two inches stretch me. I rotate my hips in a circle until I feel the pinch ease and I can slide down on him a little more. Taking another inch of his thickness, I hold my breath, glancing up again to see if he’s still asleep and to check that his eyes haven’t opened. He blinks a few times, almost like he thinks he’s dreaming.

I feel his grip on my ass tighten, and I circle my hips again, loving the feel of him inside me. I bite my lip to keep from moaning, and then Blake tenses under me, his hips jerking. Suddenly there’s warmth spreading inside me, and I realize he’s just cum. I clench, trying to pull more of him into me, but he’s only a couple of inches in, and I feel his seed spill out between us and slide down his shaft.

“Luciana,” Blake says, and I look back to see his eyes full of so much pleasure. Want.

Before I can explain, he rolls us over and thrusts fully inside me. I moan at the fullness, glad the pain from before is gone.

Blake doesn’t move though, he reaches up and gently moves my hair out of my eyes.

“I’ve been dreaming about this moment since I laid eyes on you. I’m still not sure if this is real. Is this what you want?” I feel his cock flex inside me, and I nod. “Are you on anything, mi alma?”

For a second I want to kick myself, because I’m not. Not because I don’t want to have his babies, but because he may pull out and stop if I say that I’m not. But I tell him the truth, knowing I can’t lie to him. Not about something like this.

“No, I’m not protected. I’m a virgin. Well, I was,” I say, a blush hitting my cheeks. He leans down and softly kisses my lips. Then he pulls back to look at me.

“I was, too.” His smile is big, like he’s proud of it, and in a crazy way, my heart nearly bursts with excitement.

“Seriously? How is that even possible?”

“I just wanted to wait for the right one. I wanted to make love for the first time to my wife.” He moves slowly in and out of me, enunciating his words.

The weight of what he’s saying hits me, and love flows through me in waves.

“Blake,” I whisper, not sure what to say.

“I don’t want anything between us, and I don’t want anything stopping us from making a baby, Lucy. I’ll take you down to the courthouse first thing Monday morning and make this official. But first I’ll do right by you and ask your family. I know they’re important to you, and I want to respect that.”

I wrap my arms and legs around him, molding as much of my body to his as possible. It makes all of this seem even more right, because he understands what is important to me. I’m who I am today because of my family, and they’re the reason I had the courage to come here. To find him and to find my life.

“I love you, Luciana. I have since the second we locked eyes. Everything I’ve been telling you I want, it’s all been about you. All of it. The life I want out here, making babies, and raising them with you. Having beautiful girls with long dark hair that I can braid. Having little boys with your big brown eyes learning to care for the animals here. All of it, mi alma. All of it with you.”

“I love you, too, Blake. I knew you were the one the day I stepped on this ranch. This was it for me. You’re it for me.”

We kiss, and I feel both of us pour our hearts into it. He moves inside me, his hard length possessing every inch of my body. He’s owning me and making me his as he makes love to me.

This has been a whirlwind, coming here to the farm and falling in love with Blake. But all of it feels so incredibly right.

His thrusts speed up as my tongue sweeps into his mouth, and I moan at the possessiveness of his body over mine. His excitement fuels my own, and I feel myself build to an orgasm. The tension rolls over my arms and legs, and I raise my hips to meet his. I’m so close, and so is Blake. The big muscles of his arms tense, and he’s about to unleash inside me.

The thought has my orgasm rushing through me, and I cry out against his lips as it takes me over the edge.

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