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Fallen Crest Family (Fallen Crest High #2)(2)
Author: Tijans Books

Very. Nate was the fourth member in our group, but it hurt. He hadn't said a word, but Mason couldn't stop from grinning at Logan so I forced myself to put it away. Nate was back. That was all that mattered, and then realization hit me as I looked around. This enormous place was his.

"This is Nate's place?"

Yet, even as I asked, I knew it was. Both of them didn't answer, silent as I looked around again. There were so many people at the party. I recognized a few from my school, obviously with Adam there, and I knew there were students from Fallen Crest Public as well. I saw a few of Mason and Logan's friends and figured more from their school was there as well, but two schools couldn't have been everyone? Who else was there?

"Dude, tell her."

Mason admitted with a smirk, "Nate's got some high placed friends."

Just then a well-known actor strolled past us with his arm around two girls.

My mouth dropped open. I couldn't believe it, but I should've. Nate's parents were movie directors. When he wasn't getting in trouble with Mason and Logan, they tried to keep him with them as often as possible. Of course he would've met more than a few from the Hollywood scene. But, still, I couldn't believe it.

I grasped Mason's hand and squeezed tight. "My mom has a huge crush on him."

He wrenched his hand away as he stepped back. Logan held up both arms. "Hey, whoa. Too much information, girly."


Mason grimaced. "We don't want to know who your mom jerks off to."

"What?" Oh my word. They thought—I sputtered out, "No, I didn't mean, I mean, NO!"

Then both started to laugh. Soon their shoulders shook as more laughter slipped from their clasped lips.

A wave of embarrassment came over me. I was pissed and mortified. When I lifted a hand to slap Mason's arm, he caught it instead and twirled me so I was in his arms again. My back was to his chest and his arms came around in front of me. He turned so we faced Logan before his hands slid down to hold my hips still as he started to rub against me.

Logan cringed. "Oh please, guys. I live with you."

Mason bent forward so his lips were next to my ear. I felt them curve into a grin. His breath tickled my skin. "Feel free to go away now, brother."

"Correction." Logan flashed us a dark look. "I have to live with you. I need to rectify that soon." Then he saluted us both with two fingers in the air as he turned and walked away. He hadn't gone more than a few steps before his stroll turned into a saunter. His hands slid into his front pockets, his shoulders leaned forward a bit, and a different vibe came over him. It wasn't a surprise when a group of girls clambered over to him. With his shoulders hunched forward, it gave him a vulnerable appeal that was almost irresistible to girls when it was mixed with an already dangerous reputation.

Mason chuckled against my ear. Then he caught it with his teeth and bit down gently.

Tingles raced through me and I lifted to my toes as his teeth scraped against the bottom of my earlobe. He drew it out, gently and lovingly. Sensually. A burst of heat flared between my legs. The same throb started deep. As his hips moved forward, I felt him behind me and closed my eyes from the pleasure. The throbbing was almost too much now. The same desire I always felt for him started to take over. I felt my control slipping.

"Mason," I gasped as I arched my back against him. My arm lifted to behind his neck. When I held him in place, his lips started to nibble downwards and I was barely conscious of being turned in his arms. My br**sts were pushed against his chest and he lifted one of my legs so he could fit further between them. I arched against him. I gasped for breath, but his mouth covered mine instantly.

He took control.

He commanded his entrance, and I was helpless against him. His tongue slipped inside my mouth. Mine brushed against his. A growl emanated from him. It sent a rush of power through me that was intoxicating. I wanted more and my tongue met his again, this time to brush slowly against his. Then I pulled away, but not before I flicked the tip of my tongue against his top lip. As my eyelids lifted, heavy and saturated from lust, I saw the answering yearning in his. Then his eyes flashed in determination, and I knew it wouldn't be long before Mason would be in me, deep and hard.

An elated shiver ran through me. I wanted nothing more than that.

"I know the two of you are horny rabbits and in love and all that, but I don't think you want to make an amateur sex tape right here."

We broke apart, panting, and took in the grinning sight of Nate's face. He gestured to where a group had congregated. I saw more than a few cameras in the air with fingers to the record buttons.

"Hi, Nate," I croaked out. A heated rush of embarrassment flooded me. I couldn't believe I had almost lost control or that Mason had as well. He set the tone most of the times. I trusted him, but a tingle of addictive power went through me as I remembered the sound of his own groan. I held him as captivated as he held me.

Mason cursed under his breath but swept us around so his back was to the group and I was shielded from the audience.

"Hi, Sam."

I flinched at how cheery Nate sounded. Mason's hand swept down before he held my face to his shoulder. I felt his tension as his voice reverberated through his chest. "Thanks, man."

"Any time." His tone was amused. Then I felt Nate's lips on my forehead. He whispered before he darted off, "It's good to see you too, Sam. Take care of my boy."

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