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Fallen Crest Family (Fallen Crest High #2)(13)
Author: Tijans Books

He cursed. "I'm not leaving Sam here. If I go, she goes."

"What—"Analise started.

"Honey." James' sharp rebuke quieted her. Then he turned again. "Mason, I think it's best if there was some distance between you and Samantha. You have proven that neither of you can act responsibly. I had hoped you would've when we first learned of your relationship, but your disappearing trick did not help your credibility at all." He sounded tired all of the sudden. "I have asked you on many occasions to cease from being intimate, at least under this roof, but you have discarded my wishes on every matter. You have given me no other choice. I will not allow you to disappear with Samantha one more time. Her mother was beside herself and you put both of us through hell as we worried where you might've gone or even if you were going to come back."

When he finished, the room was silent for a moment. And then Logan threw his hands in the air, cursing as Mason bit out, "Are you f**king with me now?"

"No way." Logan shook his head. "We're not going. We go, she goes."

"I'm sorry, boys. I am. But neither of you are welcome in this home for the duration of your winter break." James seemed beaten down as he gestured to the side.

A large man came forward. He was dressed in a three-piece suit that stretched over his muscular shoulders and trim waist. His eyes lacked emotion as he nodded to Mason and then Logan. "Gentlemen."

"Are you serious, dad?" More curses came from Logan. "I can't believe this. What have I done?"

"Logan, we all know you support their relationship and have a soft spot for Samantha as well."

"She's like my sister."

"Regardless, you both protect her, which I find admirable, but you have become destructive to her relationship with her mother. You both need to go. You remember Howard?"

"And what if I refuse to go?" Mason stepped forward. His tone was hard.

"Mr. Mason." Howard stepped forward. "Your bags have already been packed and your mother is waiting for our arrival—"

"I'm not going," Mason cut him off. "Sorry, Howard, but I'm not twelve this time. You can't force me to go anywhere. I'm eighteen, dad. You can't bus me off anymore, and I won't play along this time."

"Fine, but you will not be allowed to see Samantha while she lives under this house."

"And what if she doesn't?" Mason folded his arms over his chest.

Everyone stood still at the stand-off between father and son.

I held my breath as my feet were still rooted where I clung to Mason's back. I yearned for his warmth, but my head hung down. I couldn't bear the idea of making eye contact with my mother. I knew she would've won then. She would've known that she had reduced me to that eleven-year-old so long ago again. I cringed as I remembered that time. I couldn't go back to that pain, not anymore.

"Howard," James spoke. "You will accompany Logan to the car. If Mason refuses to go with you, you are instructed to leave within ten minutes."


"Yes, sir." Howard turned. "Mr. Logan? The car, please."

"What—no way." Logan's mouth hung open. He was speechless, but then he rebooted. "Dad, come on. This is insane. You're kicking me out? Are you kidding me?"

James turned to him. He was so stiff. "I have been forced to play my hand and this is it, Logan. If you wish to remain in my household and spend the rest of your high school years here, with Samantha, you will do as I have told. You will vacation with your mother for the break. When you return, you will respect my rules. If you do not, you will have two choices. You can live with your mother or I will have you arrested as a runaway. You are not eighteen, Logan." Then he turned on his heel and addressed his oldest son. "And Mason, those rules pertain to you as well. I cannot make you go to your mother's, but what we can do is enforce those rules to Samantha. She is still a minor. If she leaves her mother's household, she will be arrested as a runaway."

My eyes closed again as I heard my worst nightmare come true. She had trapped me. New panic came over me and I gulped for breath, but then I heard Mason's shrewd laughter. His voice was soft, so soft it sent chills down my spine. "You've forgotten one fact, dad."

"And what's that?"

"You've got one month. She turns eighteen in one month."

Analise sucked in her breath and James seemed visibly shaken, but he sighed. "Fine, then. I have one month to undo the damage you've unleashed on their relationship."

"What?" Logan cried out again. "You seriously think—"

"Logan, LEAVE!" his father roared.

Logan's mouth snapped shut as Howard cleared his throat. Then his shoulders dropped in surrender. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever. I'm going."

When he shuffled past me, he folded me in his arms and whispered, "Don't worry, Sammy. The game's just begun. Take care." He pressed a kiss to my forehead before he headed outside. The big stiff followed behind, and then the door closed behind both of them.

Mason shook his head. "This is ridiculous. She's brainwashed you, dad. You don't see that?"

James closed his eyes before he rubbed a weary hand over his jaw. His hair seemed to have grayed over the last ten minutes. His voice was exhausted as he spoke, "I'm sorry that you feel that way, Mason. I truly am, but I have to stand with my future wife. Things have been run by you and your brother for too long. It's time I made things right again."

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