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On a Tuesday (One Week #1)(14)
Author: Whitney G.

Except one, but she didn't count.

“Well,” Kyle said. “At least they finally made her apologize in public to make sure that no one else has any doubts about what didn’t happen, right?”

I didn’t answer.

“Are you okay?”

“No.” I stepped back, still feeling anger running through my veins. “I’m going for a run.” I didn’t bother changing into my sweats. I grabbed my phone, put on my running shoes by the door, and ran in the direction of lower campus.

I ran down Forbes Avenue, past Pitt’s campus and onto Carnegie Mellon’s grassier estate. I ran until my mind was clear, and by the time I stopped, I was in the middle of Shadyside.

Jogging back toward campus, I stopped when I saw Charlotte lounging on one of CMU’s lawns. She was holding a paintbrush in one hand and a small canvas in the other.

The attractive girl who was sitting right next to her looked familiar, so I stepped a bit closer and squinted. Her sandy brown hair was waving in the wind, and she was painting pink letters on top of her caramel colored skin.


I pulled out my phone to see if I still had her number from the sophomore classes we took together, but it was deleted.


I wasn’t sure why one glance at Charlotte was making me think about ways I could attempt to talk to her outside of study sessions, but I stood there thinking about it for at least ten minutes.

I sent her an email and started to head home when I figured out an offer she probably wouldn’t refuse.

Subject: Tuesday

Can we meet somewhere else instead of the café this Tuesday?


Subject: Re: Tuesday

Your room is completely out of the question.


Subject: Re: Re: Tuesday

Then, what about your room?

(Don’t answer that.) How about the study room at the Rose Art Gallery?”


Subject: Re: Re: Re: Tuesday

That would be great, but are you sure they have a study room there? If they do, you might want to check to make sure there isn’t a fee.


I did. It’s one hundred dollars an hour...

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Tuesday

It’s free. Is that a yes?


Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Tuesday


PS—Try not to be late this time.

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Tuesday


PS—I won’t be. Trust me.



Seven years ago


ON TUESDAY, I RETRIEVED the study room key from the art gallery’s front desk and ordered a carafe of coffee from their café. Charlotte arrived ten minutes later and gave me a smile instead of her usual sexy scowl. She also gave me an instant hard-on.

Her gray dress was hugging her curves in all the right places, and I couldn’t help but envision her red heels being wrapped around my waist.

“I used to come here every week for inspiration during my freshman year,” she said, interrupting my thoughts. “I wish I’d known they had a study room back then. I could’ve used a quieter place to paint.”

“Where do usually paint now?”

“A few places.” Her eyes lit up with excitement. “There’s a studio downtown that lets me paint for free on Thursdays if I bring the owner coffee and breakfast. There are also two bridges with empty toll booths that I like. Oh, and since I'm an RA, I get roof access at my dorm. I'm only supposed to use it for fire drills, but I can't help but take advantage of the view from up there."

“So, you are capable of talking about something other than studying.”

“Not really.” She blushed and pulled out her blue box of pens and pencils. “Are you hiding your books somewhere?”

“No. I still haven’t bought them yet.”

“Why the—” She stopped herself and took a deep breath. “Okay. I guess you don’t technically need to read from them until two weeks from now, so which Bach essay do you want to discuss first?”

“The contemporary one.”

“Good choice.” She bit her bottom lip. “Okay, so, applying what you already know about feminist criticism—”

“You’re fucking gorgeous.” I interrupted her, and her cheeks turned bright pink. “I’m disappointed in myself for not meeting you sooner.”

She was still blushing, but she narrowed her eyes at me. “Grayson Connors ...”

“It’s just Grayson.”

“That’s what I said.” She crossed her arms. “I know these Tuesdays may seem like a strange concept to you, but I’m here to tutor you.”

“I’m aware, unfortunately.”

“Good. Because just for the record, I need you to know that you have zero—and I mean zero, chances of getting anything else from me.”

“Are you implying that I want sex?” I smiled.

“I’m not implying that you want anything. I’m confirming that you should stop with the unnecessary compliments, as they won’t get you any closer to what you’re after.”

“I’m not after anything,” I said. “Yet.”

She shut her book. “You’re never going to see me as your tutor, are you?”

“Very much so.” I leaned over and opened her book. “Tucker’s analysis fails to adequately address all of the issues with the post-modern society.”

She raised her eyebrow.

“This is the part when you ask me why I feel that way,” I said. “Unless you’re the one not taking me seriously.”

She shook her head before asking, and for the next hour, I did my best to stay on topic—to not get distracted by how fucking sexy she was, how she blushed every few minutes, and how she bit her bottom lip whenever she was contemplating a thought.

“I think your analysis is good enough for you to get an A on your first paper,” she said over an hour later. “Do you have any final questions?”

“Are you seeing someone here?” I asked. “If not, who’s my competition?

She blinked. Then, just like she did the last time I tried to ask her something personal, she simply stood up, pushed all her things into her bag, and left the gallery.

This is strike one. No, strike two.

If she were any other girl, I would've immediately emailed my advisor and demanded that she be replaced with someone else, but I was beyond intrigued for some reason. I shut my notebook and went after her, catching her at the light. “Charlotte, wait. Can we start over?”

“Can you buy your books?”

“Under a few conditions." I extended my hand. "I'm Grayson Connors, the number one college quarterback in the country and the sexiest guy you'll ever meet in your life."

“This is you starting over?”

“I listed all my other accolades the first time we met, and you didn’t seem too impressed with those.”

Her lips curved into a slow smile and she shook my hand. “I’m Charlotte Taylor, your tutor who is beyond fed up with you.”

“Nice to meet you, Charlotte. I think you should come with me to get my books right now. That’s what the new version of you in our relationship would do.”

I expected her to reject the idea, but she crossed the street with me.

“I have to pick up a few new books, too,” she said.

We walked the rest of the way in silence, and when we arrived at the bookstore, she followed me to the literature section.

“Do you not trust me to get them on my own?” I asked.

“Given your track record, no." She laughed and headed down the feminist aisle. "I'm assuming you didn't pick your courses this semester anyway.”

“What makes you think that?”

“I don’t know too many guys who would pick one feminist course, let alone three.” She picked up one of the books I needed and handed it to me.

“Why not? It’s the perfect way to meet new women and potentially knowing them a bit more intimately outside of the classroom.”

Her jaw dropped. “You’re kidding.”

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