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Dirty Little Secret (Forbidden Desires #1)(17)
Author: Kendall Ryan

His hands felt so good on my skin, and it had been so long since I’d been touched like this. Need pulsed between my legs, heavy and hot. I didn’t know what was happening to me, only that I’d never felt like this.

“The way you look in that dress?” He made a low sound of approval in his throat. “Those men wanted you. You made me crazy tonight.”

“I made you crazy?” Had he lost it? He was the one so hot, it should be illegal.

“Insane,” he murmured, taking my mouth again.

He slanted his jaw, deepening our kiss, his tongue stroking mine until I was dizzy. I’d never been kissed like this. In my less-than-substantial experience, there was always a certain level of fumbling awkwardness when two people first came together. A learning of each other’s styles, a give and take.

But there was no awkwardness here. Gavin made himself clear from the first second his mouth met mine. He took. This was a far cry from an exploratory first kiss. He had total control, pulling me close. His hand moved from my jaw to my shoulder, his other stroking the column of my throat.

He smelled of peppermint and leather, and tasted faintly of whiskey. It was an intoxicating combination, and like a lightning flash through the darkness, I was undone.

The rough pads of his fingers slid beneath the satiny material of my halter top, flirting with the ties there, making me crave more of his touch. More contact. More everything.

His mouth was firm and demanding against mine, and I felt the fiery sparks of need detonate deep inside me.

“Damn you for being so fucking tempting.”

His whispered dirty words almost undid me. His voice was deep, raw with need, and vibrated through me, making fire lick through every square inch of me, burning me to the core.

Gripping his firm biceps through his jacket, I leaned in for another kiss. He bit my lower lip so hard, I knew it would be bruised tomorrow.

Urging me closer, Gavin helped me from my seat and straight into his lap. I parted my thighs, bringing my center directly in line with his groin where I could feel a firm bulge trapped between us. He was hard.

I let out a gentle moan of approval, and Gavin’s mouth pulled into a crooked smile. The expression on his face was perfectly controlled, but the steady strum of the pulse in his neck signaled his excitement.

“I can feel how hot and wet you are through your dress.”

I was sure my cheeks were stained red, and was thankful for our dim surroundings.

“Is that for me?” he asked.

I bit my lower lip, fairly certain his question was rhetorical.

He knew it was, and he shook his head. “Naughty girl.”

He was right. I couldn’t believe what had come over me. We were parked on a hillside, and the driver was mere feet away. Since this wasn’t a stretch limo, there was no partition, no barrier between the driver and us. But damn if I was going to let that stop me. I hungered for Gavin’s touch like I’d never craved anything before.

It started out as a dirty little secret, something to amuse myself with. I lived a boring existence—work, home, bed . . . and Gavin was a distraction. Maybe I should have left it there, but I hadn’t.

And here I was.

His punishing mouth on mine.

His hands in my hair.

My heart in my throat.

The firmness of his erection pressing between my thighs.

And my mind reeling with what might come next.

Chapter Thirteen


The desire to ravage Emma was almost overwhelming. I didn’t know what kind of spell this demure little thing in my lap had put me under.

There was no denying she was my type, sure. And the little moan she’d let out had almost sent me straight to my knees. But still . . .

Control was my middle name. Yet right now? Every ounce of my resolve had been pushed to the limit.

Despite all my years of practice, I felt like a horny teenager, ready to paw at the first girl to show me her bra.

This was the exact reason I hadn’t brought her home. It was much too private, too intimate.

I wouldn’t let anything happen in front of Ben. At least, that’s what I’d told myself when we left the gala. Yet here we were. My steely will had all but disappeared, and Emma was writhing in my lap, making soft, need-filled sounds that pulsed straight to my cock.

Breaking away from the kiss, Emma gripped the lapels of my jacket and tried to shove it down my shoulders. I doubted she noticed the way I flinched when she touched me, but still, I couldn’t allow it to happen again.

“Hands behind your back, pet,” I said as coolly and calmly as I could manage.

Emma obeyed, crossing her wrists and placing them at her lower back. The position thrust her beautiful tits up and out, and that was all it took to destroy the thin strands of my self-control.

Suddenly, I didn’t care about Ben or how I’d wanted things to go. All I wanted was to get inside her.

After untying the knot at the back of her neck that secured her dress in place, I started to peel it away.


I raised a brow as she clutched the material to her chest.

“Can’t he . . . see us?” she whispered, nodding toward Ben.

Glancing ahead, I shrugged. “Trust me. He’s not watching. He’s paid very well for his discretion.”

She hesitated, softening in my lap, and made my cock twitch again.

“If he did glance back here, all he’d see was your bare back. You’re facing me,” I added.

She nodded, and I felt the last of her resistance slip away.

I lowered the straps of her dress and freed the most mouthwatering set of breasts I’d ever seen.

“I don’t think we’ll be needing this.” Unclasping the simple nude-colored bra she wore, I tossed it on the seat beside us. Her lingerie wasn’t sexy, wasn’t something meant to entice or thrill, but my pulse jackhammered all the same as I took in her rosy nipples, stiff and waiting for me.

Testing the weight of her breasts in my hands, I let slip a groan of approval, and Emma sucked in a sharp inhale.

At first, I kneaded her tender flesh, stroking her nipples gently with my thumbs as I savored the image of her body in the moonlight. But even I knew, after all this time? All this tension? It wasn’t enough. Her body was begging for more, and I gave her what she needed, plucking her tight buds between my fingers until they hardened, and Emma cried out.

Lowering my mouth to her skin, I trailed my tongue along her cleavage, her collarbone, only venturing lower when she made a frustrated sound of need.

Sucking the firm peaks into my mouth, I worked my tongue over each one. I wanted to see if I could make her come like this, but I was too needy for her scent, to feel her wet heat on my skin.

She squirmed against my cock, forcing a ragged breath from my lungs. I wanted nothing more than to bury myself inside her.

Pulling the skirt of her dress up around her hips, Emma shifted, allowing me access to the damp scrap of lace she wore. With a twist of my fingers, it was out of my way.

Rocking her hips forward, Emma showed me a peek of swollen pink flesh that made my mouth water. As I swept my thumb across her firm clit, she made a soft whimper of pleasure.

I loved how responsive she was, but this this was hardly the time or place. “Stay nice and quiet for me, okay?”

She bit her lip and gave me a tight nod.

Kissing her eager mouth, I swallowed the cries and mewls of pleasure I coaxed from her with skilled fingers.

There was something about this woman that made me want to put her on her knees and dominate her, shove my length down her throat until she gagged. But that would come with time. For tonight, this was all about Emma.

“You’re not used to this?” I asked, though I tried to mask my concern.

She shook her head. “I’ve only been with two men. Neither was . . .”

She stopped and I shot her a questioning look. She wanted me to fill in the blank. Experienced? Demanding? I wasn’t sure. But the desire to protect her and pleasure her warred with me.

“Don’t worry. This will feel good.” Sweeping my fingers through her arousal, I enjoyed the way she shuddered and shifted in my lap, rocking herself closer.

Pushing two fingers inside her, I felt her tense. I kissed her again and let her adjust. As I carefully slid my thick fingers out and then pushed in again, Emma closed her eyes, rolling her hips along with my thrusts.

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