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Fallen Crest Forever (Fallen Crest High #7)(3)
Author: Tijans Books

“Look.” Coach Broozer straightened in his seat. He pointed toward the table and jabbed it twice. “I know what kind of kid my daughter is dating, and I know the lengths he’d go to for his brother. You can’t say a word of this to him. This could all go away if we don’t do a damned thing. You got it? If Logan knows, he’ll do something. He won’t be able to help it. He means well, but he could really fuck up your life if you don’t handle him right.”

Mason didn’t have time to reply.

The door opened, and Logan’s voice boomed through the house. “Mason! Sam! You guys beat us.” He was trailing behind Taylor as they walked around the corner. His arms spread wide. “So, what’s up my compadres?” He clapped a hand on Coach Broozer’s shoulder. “What’s up, Pop-n-Lock?”

“Pop-n-Lock?” Broozer echoed, his eyebrows drawing together. He turned toward Taylor. “Do I dare ask?”

She rolled her eyes, going to the fridge. “He started off calling you Pop-n-Law. That turned into Pop-n-Lock somewhere.”

Logan barked out a laugh and smacked the table. “You guys are back. Broozer had good news for you, didn’t he?” He rounded on his Pop-n-Lock. “What did you say to my brother? I thought he was off the hook.”

Taylor’s father opened his mouth, but Mason spoke first.

“I am, if no one makes a big deal out of it.”

Broozer shot Mason a dark look. “There went that whole plan of keeping quiet.”

Mason sent a look back just as quick. “Like I’m going to keep something from my brother.”

“Wait.” Logan frowned. He held a finger up, pausing as he looked from Pop-n-Lock to Mason and back again. “I’ll ignore whatever that was about. No one? Like, no one no one?”

“The opposite of anyone,” Mason said.

Logan gave his brother a look. “You know what I mean. We’re fucked. Everyone gets pissed at us. What about partying tonight?”

“Here’s a thought.” Coach Broozer’s tone turned sarcastic. “Why don’t you try not to get in trouble?” He took his water over to the sink. As he passed his daughter, he ran a hand down her arm, and they exchanged loving smiles. “And on that note, I have football tapes calling my name.” He clapped Mason on the shoulder. “Keep your head down. Don’t listen to that idiot brother of yours—”

“Hey!” Logan called, but he didn’t sound like he minded the statement.

“—And I’ll see you at practice Monday morning.”

Mason nodded. “Thanks, Coach.”

“Anytime.” He pointed at Logan. “Protect my girl. She’s my soul.”

Logan’s chest puffed up. “Always.”

Then Coach left us alone, disappearing back into the house.

Logan smirked, going right back to where he’d left off. “What about partying? Nate’s ready to throw a rager. We were going to do one at home, but we’re all up here now.”

Mason stood, taking my hand in his. “We’re going to have the party tonight, but whatever trouble your friend is in, I might have to sit this one out.” He looked carefully from Taylor to Logan.

Logan’s lips formed a flat line.

Taylor nodded. “That’s completely and understandably fine,” she said, looking at Logan. “This is about your future.”

Mason nodded.

I felt relieved.

The only one who seemed to want to protest was Logan. His eyes found mine and narrowed. “You haven’t said a word. What do you think?”

I frowned. “About what?”

“What I need help with. Those guys are assholes. They almost put Delray in the hospital.”

“You’re kind of exaggerating.” Taylor bit her lip and looked at me. “But Jason was hurt bad. And I do think they’ll do it again.”

“Decision made. We go and fuck ’em up instead,” Logan announced.

“Yeah, without me,” Mason countered. “I can’t fight. Probably never again.”

“Come on. For real?”

“Yes,” Mason ground out. His hand tightened over mine, and I looked up in concern. Logan was pushing him. Mason always wanted to be there to cover his brother’s back, but he couldn’t. He had to stay under the radar, and it was killing him.

I moved in front of him, pulling my hand free. I folded my arms over my chest and felt Mason’s hands fall to my waist. “Stop it, Logan.”

“Stop what?”

“Being a dumbass. You’re looking for trouble because you’re bored. You know it.”

He bristled. “Delray was beat up. Taylor’s mine, so that means he’s mine. How can I—”

“There are other ways!” My patience snapped. “And fine, whatever. Go beat the shit out of them, but stop making Mason feel guilty about it. If you want his help, do it another way. If you don’t, then respect his decision.”

Taylor laughed. “I just got a glimpse into your guys’ future. Logan trying to get shit going, Mason trying to be smart about it, and Samantha finally delivering the last word on it.” She whistled under her breath, giving her boyfriend a wolfish grin. “You guys will never lead boring lives. Ever.”

Logan shot a grin back, moving to the kitchen and scooping an arm around her waist. He pulled her against him, half lifting her in the air. “Only because you’re going to be there right with us.” He wrapped his other arm around her and buried his face in her neck.

She shrieked in laughter, hitting his arm. “You know that tickles. Stop it!”

Logan pulled back, a pleased look on his face, and grinned down at her. “Just wait till we get back to my place. I’ll show you what tickles. I’ll show you real deep how some things can tickle.”

Then he glanced around, a teasing smile on his face. “Are we ready to party?”

We were ready to party.

The music pounded.

Cain University students, football players, and students from the other private college in town filled our house. The booze flowed, and everyone was having a great time.

Mason sat at the bonfire with Nate and some of his football teammates. Logan stood behind them, holding a beer and throwing horseshoes with Matteo as his partner. They were playing against two guys I didn’t know, and there was a lot of shit-talking going back and forth.

I stood behind the outside bar, filling drinks. I saw some of my floormates from freshman year, but our friendships had faded last year. They’d gotten busy with their own lives, and I was with Mason and Logan. That should’ve been enough for me. Right?

I studied Mason as he listened to Nate. The bonfire lit up his face, but also cast such darkness over his chiseled features. My heart lurched, and I felt it start to move up to my throat. I tried pushing down whatever emotion was there, filling me up. It wasn’t a good one; that I knew.

“Do you moonlight as a bartender now?”

Taylor slid onto one of the barstools and flashed me a grin. She was teasing, but our eyes caught and held as a shared memory passed between us. There’d been another party and another bar we’d hidden behind not long ago.

I laughed and pointed toward an empty jar. “Maybe I should put a sign in front of it for tips?”

She snorted, crossing her arms on the counter. “At this rate, you might get some. People are drunk—like, really drunk.”

A girl shrieked, and we followed the sound. A guy chased her around the yard. She was half-naked—her breasts hanging out and her jeans undone. Her hair was messy and her lips smudged, but she followed that shriek with a laugh. She flew past the bar, and I wasn’t the only one who stopped to watch her. Most of the guys took notice.

She shrieked again, the sound ending in a lust-filled groan when the guy caught up to her. He wrapped an arm around her waist and pressed her up against the house. His mouth was on hers, and she was soon clutching at his shoulders. Her legs climbed up to wrap around his waist.

Taylor sighed, watching them. “A part of me thinks she’s an idiot, so maybe she should deal with the consequences.” She pointed to a few guys who’d pulled out their phones to record the live porno. “But the other side of me knows we have to step in, especially if she’s intoxicated.”

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