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The Wanted Virgin (Cowboys & Virgins #3)(11)
Author: Alexa Riley

“Oops,” I say and give her a wicked smile.

She gasps and begins to say something, but I dip down between her legs and cover her cunt with my mouth. Her protests turn into a moan as I eat her pussy and make her cum for me.

Addison may be a virgin, but she comes with just a touch. Her body is wound tight from a few licks, and then I feel her first orgasm begin. I eat her a little more, wanting another in my mouth, sucking on her clit until she gives it to me.

She’s boneless as I stand up and strip off my clothes. Then I move between her legs. My big cock is at her tiny opening, and I hold the tip there, waiting. I press inside an inch so only the round bulb of my head is inside her. I run my hand up and down my shaft, jerking off with the tip of my cock in her pussy.

“Trace,” she moans and wiggles under me, trying to take more.

“Hold still, baby doll. I want to lube you up first. I’m not pulling out, and I want to make sure you’re slick enough to take me.”

Her hips lift again, and I have to use my other hand to steady her while I jerk off. I feel the thick cum building in my balls, and I want to make sure I give her a big load this first time so there’s plenty of me inside her.

“I’m gonna fill you so deep, there’s no way you don’t get pregnant. You’re going to be my little Twinkie, I’m going to fill you with so much cream.”

Her giggle turns into a moan as I grunt out my release inside her. I cum hard, but it’s not enough to soften my dick. He wants all of her cunt, and he won’t rest until he has it. Even then, he’ll still beg for more.

“I’ve never done this before, baby, so I’m going to try and hold off as long as I can. But I have a feeling once I get inside you, I won’t last long.”

“I love you, Trace,” she says, and I lean down to kiss her lips.

I can still taste her sweet pussy on my lips, and I slowly work my thickness inside her, feeling the easy slide thanks to her cum and mine. She doesn’t flinch much when I break through her hymen. I’ve been working on it every time I’ve eaten her to make it nice and soft for my cock.

“I love you, too, Addison,” I whisper as I place my forehead to hers.

Finally, I’m able to thrust all the way into her, filling her to the root as my balls press against her ass. I stay inside her, though, not wanting to leave her warm grip. She’s so tight it’s almost blinding, and it’s better than anything I could have dreamed of.

I wasn’t a virgin because I was saving myself, I’d just never really given it a thought. Until Addison showed up and changed all that. She woke me up from some kind of trance, and my dick hasn’t gone down since.

Her wet channel pulses around my stiff shaft, and she mewls for more.

“Not just yet,” I say through gritted teeth.

Reaching between us, I strum her clit with my thumb as I let out a breath and cum inside her again. The throb of my cock and the touch to her most sensitive place has her screaming out my name and her legs going wild. She’s trying to squeeze me one second and then come off the bed the next, but her orgasm is music to my ears as I claim her and make her mine.

Filling her up with all of my seed, I finally relax a fraction, catching my breath. I haven’t so much as pulled out an inch and I’ve already given her two loads.

“More,” she says breathily as she rolls her hips.

“I’ll give you all you can handle and more, baby doll.”

I pull out and reach behind me, taking my belt from off the floor. I growl at the loss of her heat around my cock, but I want to stay in her longer this time, and I need to get her in the right position to do it.

Once I’ve got what I need, I grab her hips and flip her over, raising her ass into the air.

“Grip the headboard and spread your knees. I wanna ride you, baby doll.”

I see her cunt dripping with cum as she giggles a little and does what I say. I bring my belt around her waist, buckling it in the back so that I can grip it. I line up my cock with her opening, and slowly thrust in, getting as deep as I can. With both hands I grip the belt around her waist and pull her tighter to me so that there isn’t a millimeter of distance between my cock and her pussy. I want her getting all of me.

“Fuck, you feel so good,” I say through clenched teeth as I rock her forward and then pull her back onto my thickness. “I love you so much, baby doll. Your pussy is so pretty and perfect. You’re taking me so easy.”

The feel of the belt in my hands is rough, but I grip it tighter as I bounce her on and off.

“Trace,” she moans, “harder.”

“Anything you want, sweet girl,” I say with a little laugh in my voice. If her cunt wants me to own it, I’ll fucking stamp my name across it.

This time when I pull her back, she grunts out and follows it with a deep plea for more. But it only takes a few hard thrusts and she’s going off. Her pussy squeezes around my dick, and I can’t hold back anymore.

I bottom out inside her, feeling the weight of my cum flood her pussy and start to leak out the sides. I use my fingers to grip my cock around the base to keep any more from coming out. Then I squeeze my balls to make sure I got every drop I could inside her. I want her bred before the night is over. Not only to make her mine, but make sure no one can take her from me.

Her legs shake as she comes down, and I gently lift her hips and roll us to the side without slipping out.

She hums and wiggles her back to my front as I wrap my arms around her and throw one of my legs over both of hers.

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