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Man Candy(17)
Author: Melanie Harlow

Leaning over to the side, he took a condom from the nightstand drawer and tore open the wrapper. I watched as he slid it on, mesmerized by the sight of him and practically trembling that this was about to happen.

Oh God, he’s so gorgeous—look at that body, that face, that cock! You know, it seems really unfair that he got the looks and the big dick. If I was a guy, I’d hate him. He’s way too gorgeous to be real. Any minute now he’s going to sparkle like a vampire or shapeshift into a bear.

But a few seconds later he was stretching out over me, positioning himself between my legs.

Yes, I thought, sliding my hands down his back and over his perfect ass. Give me what I want. Give it to me deep and hard and fast. Let me feel the way you want me—every thick, hot, hard inch of you. Let me see you lose control for me. Let me hear you.

But he hesitated, barely inside me.

I wiggled impatiently. “Come on. Do it.”

“Not so fast, sweet pea. There’s something I want too, remember?”

Oh my God, was he fucking serious?

“Yes, yes, anything.” I slapped at his butt. Giddy-up, horsey. Let’s do this.

“Anything? Wow, you must really want this.” He pulled out and teased my clit with the tip of his cock. “It is going to feel good, I promise you.”

“Please, Quinn,” I whimpered. “I need it. I’ve wanted this for so long.”

“Me too, believe me.” He gave me an inch. “But I want more than this from you.”

“OK, yes,” I said impatiently. “I’ll go on a stupid date with you. Give me more.”

I got another inch.

“Not just one date. You have to give me a fair chance.”

“I will, I swear,” I panted. “I’ll even introduce you to my friends.” What? Why the fuck did I say that?

Um, because you need to get laid. Just agree to whatever, you can worry about the details later.

“I’d love that.” He slid deeper. “And how about being my date for Alex’s wedding?”

Oh God, really? The wedding?

“Yes!” I cried out as finally gave me what I wanted, pushing so far I felt that sharp twinge deep within, the harbinger of a seriously fucking good orgasm.

Deliriously happy, I held him to me, delighted with the ragged breaths that escaped him as he moved, ecstatic that the fit was such perfection, and goddamn jubilant over the fact that not only did Quinn have a huge, hard cock but he knew what to do with it. I’d been with one or two guys in the past who had a nice big drill but no clue how to use it once it was plugged in.

Quinn was fucking magnificent.

Maybe it was because he worked out so much and had such a strong core, but he moved in ways I’d never experienced. His body undulated over mine in rippling waves, and he rocked into me with a tight, steady rhythm that had me spiraling toward my climax in record time, even for me. I moved beneath him, matching his strokes, our bodies becoming slick with sweat. My hands were everywhere—his back, his shoulders, his ass, his abs. I gasped and clawed and panted, racing toward the finish, and the more frantically I moved, the harder he fucked me.

“Yes,” I rasped in his ear. “I love it hard like that. You’re so fucking good, Quinn. Your cock feels so fucking good.”

“Christ,” he growled. “You’re gonna make me come right now if you keep talking like that.”

“Now!” I demanded, the tension in me coiled too tight to last any longer. “Fuck yes, do it!”

He cursed and drove into me even deeper, and everything inside me burst wide open. I held him tight to me as his body went plank stiff, color and light exploding behind my closed eyes as my pussy pulsed around his throbbing cock.

And didn’t stop, didn’t stop, didn’t stop.

Every time I thought it was fading, I’d feel him twitch inside me once more, and my body would shudder with aftershocks.

“Jesus,” he finally said.

My face was buried under his chest, my hands stuck to his ass. I peeled them off. “I think my handprints might be permanently seared on your butt.”

“Well then, we’d be even.”

I giggled.

“What’s funny?”

“You. Spanking me like that.”

“I can’t be the first guy to do it. You’re terribly naughty.”

“You are the first, actually.”

He propped himself up on his hands and looked down at me. How the fuck was his hair still perfect? “Really?”

“Really.” My heartbeat, which had been in the process of slowing down, suddenly began to gallop again when I looked up at his face.

To be honest, I wasn’t entirely comfortable with it.

“Let me up. I can’t breathe,” I said, wriggling beneath him.

“Sorry.” He pulled out carefully and stood up. “I’ll be right back.”

While he was in the bathroom, I rolled off the bed, scooped up my clothes from the floor, and headed to the other bathroom. After cleaning up a little, I got dressed and congratulated myself on a job well done. The snooping mission had been a bit of a debacle, but since the big picture goal had always been to get him in bed, this felt like a victory to me.

A sweet, sticky victory.

Smiling, I went back into the bedroom, where Quinn was pulling his shirt over his head. At the sight of his bare stomach and chest, my stomach did this little fliparoo thing that annoyed me. I need to get the hell out of here.

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