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There was one couple waiting for a table.

He continued, “But Tamara is coming up to help host for us. A special order came in, so we need to deliver some food to the newspaper.”

My eyebrows went up at that. “We do delivery now?”

He bent down to stuff some menus into the back of our hosting stand but paused. “When have we not?”


I almost saluted him. “Got it.”

After loading the food into his car, he explained, “Every delivery is handled with special care. We don’t deliver to many places, but the newspaper is one of those that we need to wine and dine, so to speak, for obvious reasons.”

Yes, for obvious reasons—that I couldn’t think of at that moment.

“Amazing publicity.” He gave me the reason.

Another item that I didn’t know Escape cared about because they never had. I frowned. “There seems to have been a lot of changes with the restaurant since I worked last.”

“Really?” My trainer didn’t sound too interested as he turned the car into traffic.

I knew we were only a few blocks away, so I didn’t answer.

As he parked, he paused and frowned at me. “Did you say something before?”


“Oh.” He unclipped his seat belt.

I flashed him a grin. “Where do we go, boss?”

“Uh…” He got out, shut his door, and opened the trunk.

The food was loaded up in our arms, and he led the way to a side door. After his foot tapped the bottom, the door was pushed open from the inside…and I looked up to the smiling face of my roommate’s archenemy.

“Susan…” My voice died.

Her smile vanished, and she straightened back from the doorway. “Jo.”

My trainer looked between the two of us, readjusting the food trays in his arms so that he would have a better grip. “You two know each other?”

Susan’s smile returned, but it was forced. She moved back, holding the door so that we could get through. “I didn’t know you were working at Escape.”

I said as I passed her, “Only every summer.”

But Susan didn’t care. She didn’t respond as she let the door close, and then she went before us, leading the way down a hallway. “We have a meeting tonight, so we wanted to order some food. You guys can bring it this way.”

We were led into a conference room where people were sitting around a bunch of tables. Susan had us unload the food on a back table. I assumed Erica would be somewhere else since Susan was promoted above her so when I heard my name, I was surprised.

Erica came over from one of the tables.

I said, “Hey.”

Erica frowned as she skimmed me up and down. “I forgot you were working at Escape again this summer. You started today?”

I nodded and patted some of the food containers, grinning. “I’ve been promoted to delivery now.”

Susan had been standing by, waiting for us. She let out a sigh when Erica came over, too, but leaned forward and studied all the food. Seemingly appeased, she cleared her throat now. “Excuse me for a minute. I need to grab the money.”

As she disappeared, Erica stepped closer and said to my trainer, “Go away. I want to talk to my friend.”

His pale cheeks reddened, but he smoothed a hand over his hair. He was trying to make it look casual, but he was failing.

I added, “I’d listen to her. She might be short, but she can be a big bully when she wants to be. I’d run, run far, my friend.”

He threw me another frown but moved backward a few steps. When he was far enough so that he couldn’t overhear, he made a point of stopping, leaning against the wall, and folding his arms over his chest.

Erica laughed to me. “I think he’d keel over if he realized I ate boys like him for breakfast.”

I gave him a look. “Yeah. Come to think of it, he does look like a younger version of Wanker, but he’s more cutthroat. I can already tell, but forget him. You’re still working with Susan? I thought you two went your separate ways at work.”

“God,” she muttered under her breath.

Susan came back, digging out money from a black bag. She went to Henry.

Erica lowered her voice. “I wish. No. I can’t escape her just yet. I’m still just part-time, but her full-time promotion has gone to her head. She offered to pay for all this food, and she’s acting like she’s the boss of everyone.” She perused the group waiting by some tables. “But I can’t really fault her. It’s because of her that I was even included on this project. For the next few weeks, we’re all working on an interview.”

“An interview?” I grinned at her, batting my eyelashes.

She laughed, nudging me in the side with her elbow. “Don’t make fun of me.”

I dramatically sucked in my breath and held a hand to my chest. “I would never.”

“Ha-ha.” She didn’t sound amused. “I can’t tell you anything yet, but it’s big, and it’s worth putting up with Susan for now.”

“That’s good then.”

“Uh…” Henry raised his hand, waiting for me at the doorway, while his other hand held our emptied delivery bags to his chest.

I smirked. “Mr. Happy Pants forgot my name.”

Erica barked out a laugh.

He made another impatient gesture to the door.

I waved at him. “Yeah, I’m coming.” Moving toward him, I threw over my shoulder to Erica, “I have to go. I’ll see you tonight.”

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