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Indulge with Me (With Me in Seattle #10)(12)
Author: Kristen Proby

“Now that’s a flat-out lie.”

“Really.” She cocks a brow and leans in to whisper something in his ear. Will smiles and shrugs a shoulder.

“Promises, promises.”

“Hey, get a room,” Sam says with a laugh.

“Seriously, Leo,” DJ says, “let’s go up and record this ballad. It’s awesome just as it is. We could release it as a surprise single.”

“It’ll take ten minutes,” Gary says.

“Okay, let’s go. But just one song.”

I glance to my right to tell Sam I’ll be right back, but she’s already gone, walking into the house.

Meg stands and runs after her.


I knew it.

I march into the kitchen and begin checking on the food, combining the last kabob on one plate onto a full plate of others and clearing it away.

Anything to get away from the conversation outside.

Meg walks in and shuts the door behind her.

“Are you okay?”

“Great.” I drop a glass into the sink with a clunk. “Never better. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because you look like you’re ready to kill that chicken again, and it’s already dead.”

“You know, all I wanted was one year. Just one. No album releases, no tour, no special appearances. I wanted a year with my husband. And clearly that’s just not going to happen because they’re already writing songs and recording them.”

“Sam, this is just what they do when they’re together,” Meg reminds me, but I shake my head.

“Maybe I was naïve to think that I could be married to a rock star.”

“I think you’re selling yourself short.”

“Am I?” I wipe down the countertop, which was not dirty, by the way, then throw the sponge in the sink. “Because I’ve grown to hate it. And I used to love it.”

“I’m telling you, they’re having fun. They’re catching up and enjoying each other. Making music is who they are when they’re together, it doesn’t mean that they’re going to release an album or leave for tour next week. I’ve been around them for more than half my life. Trust me, this is normal.”

“I know you’re right.” I lean on my hands and hang my head. “I’ve been dreading this weekend because it meant that I wouldn’t have him to myself anymore, and I’d be sharing him with the people who always take him away from me. But they’re his family too, and I need to remember that.”

“Exactly. When you’re with your family, you laugh and play around. That’s all he’s doing here.”

“Thanks.” I look up at her with a smile. “Thanks for putting it all into perspective for me. I needed that today.”

“That’s what I’m here for. Now, what’s for dessert?”

“I have a lemon meringue pie and a s’mores trifle.”

“Dear God, I love that you always have both lemon and chocolate around. It’s not good for my waistline, but the sugar junky in me applauds you.”

“Actually, let’s take this stuff outside so everyone can have some.”

I load up trays with the desserts, plates and utensils, and by the time we walk out with it all, Leo and the boys are back from the studio. Leo’s changed out of his T-shirt into a loose tank that shows off all of his tattoos.

And although they’re covered, I can’t help but think of the stars that are on his hips, and how I want to trace them with my tongue later tonight.

“That was quick,” I say, offering him some dessert.

“The song’s easy.” He takes the plate, but then snags his hand around my wrist and tugs me back into his lap. “Have I told you today that I love you?”

And just like that, I’m as mushy as I get.

“What do you want?”

“Just you.” He plants a kiss on me. “Where did you go?”

“I wanted to check on the food and bring out dessert.”

I don’t mention my mini meltdown because it won’t do any good. I don’t want to start an argument with everyone here.

Especially one that I can’t win.

I take a deep breath and try to shake my mood. I don’t want the day to be ruined. So they talk about touring and music, as they should. It’s their job.

I need to not take everything so personally and just enjoy my husband and his friends.

“Hey,” Jake says with a laugh, “remember in Nashville when Eric brought those two chicks into the bus and fucked them both?”

And, queue uncomfortable silence.

“Which tour was that on?” Lori asks.

“That last one,” Jake says. “We were in Nashville in what, February?”

“February,” DJ says, avoiding eye contact with his wife, who’s shooting daggers at him.

I’m watching Leo, but he has no reaction at all, just shakes his head.

“Wait,” Lori says, holding up her hand. “You had women on your bus in February?”

“Yeah,” Eric says with a sigh, then laughs at the memory. “Man, they were wild.”

“No, this is not cool, Eric,” Lori says. “We have a rule, a longstanding rule at that, that there are to be no women on the goddamn bus.”

“Hey, I was drunk and we weren’t near the hotel,” he says, holding hands out at his side. “What was I supposed to do? The girls wanted me to show them a good time. And man did I.”

“The one tried to climb in bed with Leo,” Jake adds, and my gaze whips to my husband, who’s still impassive.

“Wasn’t it Nashville when I wasn’t able to reach you?” I ask him. His eyes turn to mine, and his whole body goes rigid.

“Are you accusing me of something?”

“No, I just find it interesting.”

“I don’t,” Cher says. “I’m pissed the fuck off. I don’t care if you were drunk, Eric, you’re a grown-ass man and that’s not an excuse. Stop acting like a child and get your shit together. Respect your bandmates and their wives already, you dumb-ass man child.”

Lori and I stand, slow-clapping in support of Cher’s lecture, but Eric scowls.

“I’m single,” he insists. “I can fuck whomever I want. And I own part of that bus, so if I want to fuck one or ten women in it, I will.”

“Looks like you’ll be taking your own fucking bus from now on,” Cher replies. “Because I’m not okay with that.”

“I’m not either,” I add. “I put up with a lot. We all do. But not that. So fuck them all day long and have your dick fall off from all the VD you’re gonna get, but don’t do it when my husband is on the same bus. It’s a douche move.”

“It’s old news,” Leo says. “And it’s not typical. Since Lori set the rule years ago, this is the first time it’s happened.”

“Yeah, and Jake couldn’t keep his fucking mouth shut,” Eric grumbles.

“That, right there,” Cher says, pointing at Eric, “is why I hate touring. Because you say shit like that, and now I can’t help but wonder what else happens that we’re not privy to. It’s not cool, Eric.”

“There’s nothing that you’re not privy to,” DJ assures her. “I talk to you every single night.”

“They’re dumb,” Gary says with a sigh. “Nothing happens. I don’t even know why Jake said something.”

“Because it was funny,” Jake says with a shrug. “I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

Oh, it’s a big deal.

We drop the subject, but the rest of the evening is quieter, and everyone leaves earlier than they normally would.

I’m already in our bedroom when Leo walks in after saying goodnight to everyone. They’re staying at a hotel downtown.

“Well, that was a shitshow,” I say.

“I’m sorry,” Leo says, dragging his hand down his face. He looks like sex on a stick, standing in the doorway, with his tattoos and the lip piercing, his hair spikey.

He’s my rockstar, my love.

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