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Indulge with Me (With Me in Seattle #10)(11)
Author: Kristen Proby

“My parents,” Lori replies. “God bless them.”

“You guys have to try these chicken kabob things,” Jake says. “They’re fucking amazing.”

“I’m getting more ribs,” Eric says, going back for round two of food.

“Go, before Will eats it all,” Meg replies with a laugh, earning a glare from her husband, who’s licking BBQ sauce off his fingers.

It’s chaos for a while, as everyone chats and catches up on the past couple of months since we’ve seen each other.

“He needs a job,” Lori says, pointing to Gary. “I swear, you guys come off tour, and he doesn’t know what to do with himself. I’d be happy if he just volunteered somewhere.”

“With five kids he should have plenty to do,” Will says.

“They have their own routine,” Gary says. “I don’t mess with it much when I’m home because it just screws things up for her when I leave again.”

“I get it,” Cher says with a sigh. “But I’m glad you’re home.”

“Same,” Sam says quietly and climbs into my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck. I know she hates it when I tour because I’m gone for so long, but it’s part of the job.

DJ already has a guitar in his hands, randomly strumming. He starts playing the chords for a P!nk duet Sam and I love. She smiles down at me, and suddenly, to my utter shock, starts to sing.

Sam never sings in public, despite my urging her to. She says she leaves that to me.

But her voice is perfect for this song, and I join in on my parts, looking into her eyes as we sing in perfect harmony.

When the song is over we get a standing ovation, and Meg’s shaking her head.

“Looks like I have competition and I didn’t even know it.”

“No,” Sam replies. “Absolutely not. Leo and I play around here at home, but I don’t sing in public.”

“You should,” Eric says. “You’re fucking good.”

“Leo’s the musician in the family,” she insists, patting my cheek and leaning in for a kiss. “Are you hungry?” she asks me.

“I am, actually.”

“Want me to go get you something?”

“I’d love that, thank you.” I cup her chin and kiss her once more before she hops off of my lap and I slap her ass.

“That’s harassment,” she calls over her shoulder as she walks away.

“You’re welcome,” I call back, making her laugh. The sound slides over my skin, making my gut clench.

God, I fucking love her.

“How’s football going, Will?” Gary asks him.

“Good. It’s early in the season yet, but the team is strong this year. Should be a good one. You’ll have to come up sometime for a game. My family keeps a box and you’re welcome to join them.”

“That would be awesome,” Lori says and claps her hands. “I love football.”

“You’re my kind of woman,” Will says with a wink.

DJ is still strumming the guitar, something I don’t recognize.

“What is that?” I ask him.

“Something I’ve been fiddling with,” he replies. “I have some lyrics too, but I’m hung up on the bridge.”

“Let’s hear it,” Jake says, eating some corn on the cob now. Sam delivers my plate, full of the corn, a burger, kabobs. If it’s up there, she put it on my plate.

“Thanks, Sunshine. DJ’s going to play something he’s working on.”

Her eyes flicker with something I can’t name, but she smiles and sits next to me. “Cool.”

The song is a ballad, about missing home and the woman who waits for him there.

“Again,” Gary says, picking up his own guitar, and I take the lead while he and DJ sing harmony. In the third verse, Meg picks up a higher harmony, and the song sounds badass.

The others are chatting around us, eating food, and enjoying the day, but I’m lost in this song.

It’s going to be a hit.

Before long, we’ve worked through the bridge, and have a complete song on our hands.

“This is fucking awesome,” Jake says. “Let’s go hit Leo’s studio and record what we have.”

“This isn’t a working weekend, you guys,” Cher reminds us all.

“You can’t turn off the creative genius, baby,” DJ replies with a wink, but Cher just glares at him.

“We won’t forget this,” I say. I can see the look on Sam’s face, and it clearly says do not go record that song.

“I have some things that I’ve been working on, too,” Meg says with a smile. “Since I had Erin, I’ve been full of creativity.”

“Let’s hear it,” I say.

I haven’t enjoyed an afternoon like this in a very long time. Jamming with the guys is like coming home. I think we all needed it because we’re buzzing with energy by the time we finish fine-tuning one of Meg’s songs.

“It’s decided,” DJ says with a grin. “Meg has to do a duet with us on the next album.”

“I can’t tour, guys,” she insists. “I have a job and a kid. And a husband.”

“You can prerecord your tracks and do a video for us to play at shows when you can’t be there,” Gary suggests. “People do that all the time.”

“And then you can perform with us when we’re in Seattle,” I add. “You do it all the time anyway. Say yes.”

She looks at Will, biting her lip. Will just shrugs and smiles at her. “It’s totally up to you, Megan. You know I’m fine with it.”

“We’re a ways out before we start recording again,” I remind her. “You don’t have to decide today.”

“Maybe we can talk Leo into hitting the studio earlier,” Jake says. “I mean, we have half an album already, just from jamming today. There’s no need to wait until next year.”

“Except you promised your wives that you would take the year off,” Cher says. Her eyes are flashing with annoyance.

“She’s right.” I shrug and set my guitar aside. “We did promise them. There’s nothing wrong with taking a year off.”

“It’s boring,” Eric replies.

“Go write for someone else,” DJ suggests. “You write constantly. It doesn’t mean that Nash has to record everything. You can sell your songs to other artists.”

“You guys really wouldn’t mind?” Eric asks. “I don’t want to piss anyone off. My songs have always been for the band.”

“Writing is your outlet,” I reply. “There’s no way we can possibly record all of the songs you write. You should sell them. Write all day every day if you want to.”

Eric grins. “Okay, as long as you’re sure. I’ve had some interest, but I didn’t want to step on your toes. The band always comes first.”

“Do it,” Lori says. “Lots of musicians do this. David Bryan, the keyboardist for Bon Jovi? He writes music for Broadway. I say do whatever makes your heart happy.”

“I don’t want to do Broadway,” Eric says. “But I’d like to write more.”

“So let’s talk about when we do go back out on tour,” Jake says.

“Why?” Lori asks. “Can’t you guys talk about anything else? Sports? Race cars? Gardening? Anything!”

“Gardening?” Eric snorts, but then narrows his eyes on Gary. “Does she have you gardening?”

“What?” Gary asks. “My yard looks damn good, thank you.”

“He’s a rockstar that’s been voted one of the best of our generation, and his wife makes him mow the damn lawn,” Jake says, shaking his head in disgust.

“What do you do with your off time?” Sam asks.

“Play video games, of course.”

“I’m very good at video games,” Meg says, but Will just rolls his eyes.

“She cheats.”

“I do not.”

“You do too.”

“Whatever.” Meg rolls her eyes. “Not that I have time to play them these days, but I am good at it. Will just doesn’t like it because I beat him.”

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