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Halloween Treats(3)
Author: Alexa Riley

At first, I don’t think he’s going to respond, his lips firm and unyielding against mine. But when I go to pull away with embarrassment, I feel one of his hands snake into my hair, grabbing a fistful and holding me in place as he makes the kiss his own.

It isn’t soft, not that I thought a kiss from him would be. No, everything about him is hard and forceful, just like he’s kissing me now. Taking control, he grips my hair tighter, and a moan falls from my lips, making them part for him. His tongue pushes in as he hungrily eats at my mouth. I’m so overtaken by the kiss that I’m not even sure I’m kissing him back.

Too soon, he pulls away from my lips, only to go to my neck. He trails open-mouthed kisses up my throat to my ear, like he can't get enough of me. He uses his hold on my hair to expose my neck and to take what he wants. My body seems to come to life, and a feeling washes over me like I’ve never felt before. Desire. It’s pure need, and something I’m not used to feeling.

“Holy shit,” I hear Tiff say, and it breaks my lust-filled bubble.

I come back to reality and realize I’m in a bar with everyone staring at us. After all, the owner of the casino just went at a girl in the middle of the room. It’s not like Charles is a man to be missed. He takes up a lot of space, and everyone knows who he is. He’s one of the richest men in Vegas.

In the time I’d worked him, I’d never seen Charles with a woman. Oh, they threw themselves at him all right, but he always acted like it was a nuisance. Maybe he didn’t mix business and pleasure, or maybe he’s married.

I’ve never seen a ring on his finger, but this is Vegas. Men here think they can do whatever they want, and a lot of the wives don’t mind as long as they get to keep living the life they’re used to. If I ever got married, I’d want to be my husband’s everything. Like my brothers are with their soon-to-be wife, Stella.

I push at his chest, and he breaks away from my neck, releasing my hair.

“It’s time to go.” It’s his classic ‘do as I say’ voice that he uses on all his employees. Once again, he has forgotten I’m not his anymore.

“No.’ I turn back around in my chair, dismissing him. I grab my drink, but then realize I’m holding an empty glass. Did I drink it all already? Huh.

“Come on, Mandy, let’s head out.” Tiff grabs her purse, and I can only bet Charles is shooting her a look behind me.

“Why? I’m having fun, and he can’t make me leave unless he kicks me out of his casino. Are you kicking me out of your casino?” I have to turn to look at him again, and I can't help the arrow of desire that shoots to my pussy when I see the red smudge of lipstick I left all over his mouth. He’s always so brooding, and I can’t help but love that I smeared it on him, dulling the effect of his sternness somewhat. My mouth must look the same.

He studies my face before a cocky grin shows on his mouth, letting me know he’s two steps ahead of me. Motioning to one of the security guards walking around, he leans over and whispers something in his ear. The guard disappears into the seething mass of dancers on the floor.

“I’d never kick you out of my casino,” Charles says smoothly.

Suddenly, the DJ stops the music. “Attention, ladies and gentlemen. The bar is now closed. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Any open tabs left at the bar are covered by Mr. Townsend.” The crowd cheers for the free drinks, but I just shoot Charles a death look.

“There are several bars across this whole casino, Charles. You can’t close them all.”

“I’ll close the whole goddamn casino,” he fires back, his hard jaw clenching.

I hate it because I know he will just to prove a point. He won, so I’ll be leaving the bar. I don't have the energy to fight him right now as I feel the full force of the drinks start to wear on me.

“Goodnight, Charles. My thirty days are up, and just like you did with the past thirty days, you’ve ruined this day too. You win. I don’t know why or what made my brothers agree to your contract, but I did it. Leave them alone, and furthermore leave me alone. I’ll be gone in the morning.”

Jumping down from my chair, I wobble a little from the effects of the alcohol. When I go to push past him, he grabs me by the arm to halt my departure, but I don’t look at him.

“Let go.”

He ignores my order. “What did I do to you to make you dislike me so much?”

Blackmail my brothers, make me want you when I shouldn't, be cold to me, treat me like a dumbass… they’re all on the tip of my tongue, but what’s the point? It doesn't matter anymore.

“It’s not important.”

“It’s important to me.” I glance up and see a look in his eyes I’ve never seen before. Maybe it was the martinis playing tricks on me because when I blink and look again, it’s gone.

“You had your chance to get to know me, Charles. I’ll tell you again, time's up.”

With that, I yank my arm from his hold and walk away. I should say goodbye to Tiffany, but I’m sure she’ll understand. I’m going up to my room because tomorrow things are going to change.


The piece of paper with the number scrawled on it is now wrinkled and being shredded shakily by my nervous fingers.

“Yes, this is Samantha. What can I help you with?”

“Umm, this is Mandy. I got your number from Stella.”

“Oh, yes, how is she? Well taken care of, I’m sure.”

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