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Halloween Treats(14)
Author: Alexa Riley

“With you I wasn’t sure. You seem to be good at giving me the slip. I have to make sure my property stays where it belongs.”

“Property?” I fire the word back at him with distaste, hoping that maybe that will make me hate the idea of being his property. All he does is smirk, like it's cute that I have a problem being owned. “I never gave you the ‘slip’,” I say, stressing the word to highlight its ridiculousness. “I did my thirty days and I left. Is that what this is all about? You think I shorted you a day?”

I truly thought he would be grateful when I was gone. The night in the bar before I left was strange. I thought maybe my drunken mind had made it all up, but the call from Tiffany confirmed it. So did the picture that ended up in page five of The Las Vegas Tribune.

He was always so short with me when we were together. Most of that time consisted of his hovering over me as I did my work. It was absurd, because he gave me projects an eighth grader could do.

“I wasn't finished with you yet.”

“You weren't finished with me yet?”

“That’s what I said.” He lazily starts to circle me, walking slowly around where I’m standing. He looks like he’s inspecting what he paid for.

“I could break my Mistress Contract and leave. I could give the money back. Then you’d have to be done with me.”

Something sparks in his eyes at my words—something that looks close to anger. I want to know why he’s pushing this and dragging me back here. Is this about that night in the casino? Me telling him no and making him look like a fool? Men and their egos can be a real bitch. I run into a lot of men like that working at the casino. Men like that don’t like when a woman takes them down a peg or two. But for some reason I don’t think Charles is the type of man who would care what other people think. He doesn't have an ego. He just is who he is, take it or leave it. If it’s not about his pride, it means this whole thing could have something to do with my brothers, and that problem has the potential to make me stay. If I can't get some information from Charles, I’m finally just going to have to ask my brothers what he has over them.

“But you won’t. No, you’d never go back on your word.” It’s eerie how well he knows me. Saying I would break the contract was just a way for me to try to get some information from him. I want to find out his endgame without losing myself in the process, because I’m starting to think Charles Townsend is someone I could easily drown in.

“Fine, you win. Do with me as you like. Do I strap myself in or is that your job?” I try to make my tone as flat as possible as I walk toward the bed, careful not to brush against him.

“Mandy, while I will have you in those straps soon enough, first we need to go over the rules of your Mistress Contract.”

“I read the contract several times. I know all the rules. I’m to keep my mouth shut, my legs spread, and I’m never to ask questions about your life outside of our time together.” I turn to face him, trying to pretend the rules don’t bother me in the least.

“Yes, those are the standard rules for all contracts, but each buyer is allowed to add a set of their own. Did you not see that in the contract as well?”

I did, I just forgot. This takes me by surprise, and I stop. “Yes, I’m sorry. It did say something about the buyer being allowed to add their own as long as they are approved by the auction house.” I visibly swallow when I finish. I don’t know why this has my heartbeat picking up, but it does.

Pulling out a piece of paper from the inside pocket of his jacket, Charles walks to the corner of the room, takes a seat in a chair and lazily leans back in it. I expect him to start listing off the rules, but he just pats his leg, signaling for me to come sit on it.

I roll my eyes, but do as I’m instructed. I stroll over to him, my heels sinking into the lush carpet, and I sit, making sure I plop down heavily on him in the hopes of hurting his leg a little. I may not weigh much, but maybe my bony ass will leave a bruise. He makes no sign of distress at this. He just wraps one arm around my waist to pull me closer, pressing me into his erection. At the feel of his cock against my thigh, I’m the one who ends up gasping.

He’s huge all over, evidently—something I really do enjoy about him. He makes me feel feminine when I'm near him. His height means he always towers over me, even when I wear my most ridiculous heels. Not only that, he easily has to weigh more than two of me. Not many men make me feel small and delicate, but Charles does.

He leans in, taking my earlobe in his mouth, nuzzling me and making my eyes fall closed. It’s a sweet soft contact, but he soon bites me, making me jump and my eyes pop open.

“You fully belong to me.” He proves his point by using his free hand to cup my thinly covered pussy. “When you act like a brat, I don’t have to storm out of the room to control myself. No, now I can bend you over the nearest surface and fuck you until you apologize, and until you beg me to let you cum. I’ll make you promise to be a good little girl or I’ll keep punishing you.”

I moan at his words, pushing myself into his hand. “You like that kitten? Because I’ll fuck you on every surface of this goddamn casino until you scream the place down.”

I’m so lost in his words and in this sensation that all I can do is beg. “Please.” How does he keep doing this to me? One second I want to smack him, and the next I want him to make good on his threat. I'm going with being completely under-sexed as the reason for this. My body is ready to go and doesn’t care that my mind can't seem to keep up with it.

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