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Halloween Treats(10)
Author: Alexa Riley

Licking my lips, I give it my best shot.



“I can’t see her like this. I think I’m going to be sick.”

“Stella is going to cut our dicks off for seeing Mandy naked, you know that, right?”

I hear the brothers speaking somewhere off in the distance, because right now I feel far away. I’m on a distant planet—a giant ball of rage—and I’m the god of my world. I want to rip the skin from my body I’m so fucking angry right now. How can she be on the stage naked in front of everyone? How are all these horny fuckers able to see my gorgeous woman like this?

She’s dressed like an angel, and goddamn, does she look the part. The angel to my devil. Clever Samantha, clever. If I wasn’t so mad, I would laugh at the contrast in our costumes.

Her wings are large, covered with long white feathers that sparkle in the light. Her dark hair is tousled, looking like she just got fucked backstage. When she shakes her hair out of the way, it exposes her perfect breasts and hard pink nipples. My eyes roam down her trim stomach and slim hips to the tiny patch of underwear barely covering her pussy. Her white thong is too tight and it digs into her labia, making them peek out from either side. My mouth fills with saliva as I think about licking her. I have to swallow to keep the drool from running down the side my chin.

Her long legs go on for a mile, and end with killer white heels strapped around her ankles. She looks like a cross between a gladiator and a Victoria’s Secret Angel. My cock is so hard, I feel the seams of my slacks stretching, barely able to contain it. I don’t have any more room for it to go, so I adjust it, letting its solid weight run down my thigh. I rub it there while looking at her, up and down, teasing myself with what’s in front of me.

As I look at every inch of her, I forget my anger and drink in her sexual magnetism. Mandy is pulling me to her like nothing ever has. I feel like at any moment I’m going to get up with no conscious thought and go to her. She’s like a siren and I’m being lured to my death at her feet. I feel myself smile wickedly, all too willing to go.

She squares her shoulders, licking her lips, and I rub my cock gently, thinking of what I’m going to make that mouth do. I run the palm of my hand down my inner thigh, feeling the heat through my slacks. I’m burning for her, and I don’t know how much longer I can wait.

Taking a step, Mandy spreads her legs, showing me exactly what I want, what I’ve been craving. She puts her hands on her hips, and I’m still slowly stroking myself, loving the show. When she opens her mouth to speak, I’m snapped back to reality and conscious of what’s happening around us.

“All right, boys, I’m looking for a little more than that. Any other bidders?”

I sit up in my chair and slam my fist on the table, making the glasses clang. “Two million!” I don’t care if I’m just bidding against myself. If she wants more, she can have it. She’s coming home with me. No matter what.

“Um, that’s two million to the same bidder in front,” the auctioneer says.

She doesn’t even look at me as she rocks from hip to hip, then turns to the side to show her ass to the crowd. The men behind me start letting out catcalls, and I have to close my eyes to keep from breathing fire and burning this fucking place to the ground.

“Come on, gentlemen, don’t let me go so easily. I’m a yoga expert.” She tosses the words over her shoulder as she bends over, spreading her legs further apart.

“Three million,” I grit out, still only bidding against myself.

“So, yeah, the same guy. Three million,” the auctioneer seems somewhat confused, but is just going with it.

After Mandy’s drunken night at the bar in my casino, I watched the monitors as she went to her room and passed out. I went to bed myself, thinking she’d be hungover and sleeping it off when I woke. When I got up and checked, she was already gone. All of her things were out of her room and no one knew where she went. By the time I got to the lobby, Cupid was there talking to the doormen and trying to track her down.

“She’s gone. She left at four this morning in a town car. The doorman didn’t know the driver, and when we pulled the surveillance cameras, we saw it was an unmarked car. I’m so sorry, Charles. She took everything with her, and we can’t seem to locate her.”

“Fuck!” I shout, punching the wall beside me. When I pull my fist away, I see the damage I’ve done, both to the wall and to my hand, but I don’t feel a thing. I’m completely numb. She got away from me. “You find her, Cupid. Now. And have that wall fixed.”

As I walk towards my elevator, I feel my phone vibrate. I pull it out of my pocket and see it’s a number I don’t recognize. Thinking it might be Mandy, I answer it in a panic.


“I thought you might be interested to know that your former employee has signed up for my October Mistress Auction.”

“I don’t have time for this shit, Samantha.”

“You’re not listening, Mr. Townsend. Mandy has requested to enter the Mistress Auction next week.”

I’m stone still at her words, thinking about everything that sentence means. My brain isn’t fast enough to process her words and the pain they cause at the same time. What has she done? What did I do?

Samantha clears her throat, bringing me back to the moment.

“Whatever it takes. I want her. I’ll buy out the auction.”

“I thought you might say that. You know I’m always willing to help a friend. For the right price, or course.”

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