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Falling Fast(14)
Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds

“Hey, guys. How’s it going?” Rose asks before Colton can say whatever it is he’s going to say, and we both look at her.

“It’s all good, Ma,” Colton tells her as she wraps an arm around his waist and hugs his side.

“You doing okay, Gia?” she asks after her son wraps his arm around her shoulders.

“Yep.” I give her a smile. I really like Rose. I like how she is when she’s with her husband and her son. I like that she’s been so kind to me, and I really like that she wears rocker T-shirts, jeans, and high-heeled boots.

“Have you guys been busy?” she asks, looking behind me when the door opens and two more guys walk in.

“It’s been slow,” I tell her as Colton puts four bottles of Coors on top of a tray and pulls off the tops. “I’ll be back.” I pick up the tray, taking the beers over to the four guys before heading to another table with the two new guys, and taking their orders. The rest of the day is a steady flow of customers, which keeps me busy, making it easy to avoid really having to talk to Colton. It also leaves me with forty dollars’ worth of tips in my pocket, meaning I can stop at the store on the way home and stock up on chocolate without feeling guilty about spending money.

“See you in a couple days,” I tell Rose as I step into the office to grab my coat and bag.

“Okay, honey, but call tomorrow after your grandma’s appointment. I’d like to know what they say.”

“I’ll call,” I promise, thinking that’s one more reason I really like her.

Grabbing my purse I stowed under the desk, I leave with a wave to her then say a quick goodbye to Colton, since it would be rude not to. Getting in my Jeep, I shut the door and am reminded once more that Colton might frustrate me but he’s actually kinda sweet when the door closes on the first try.

I start the engine and pull out of the lot before heading to the grocery store, where I buy chocolate, lots of it, along with corn tortillas and a few other things for dinner before driving home. Once there, I spend the evening with Grandma working on the puzzle and watching some old black-and-white movie she picked out before getting her ready for bed and doing the same with myself.

“Hello?” I answer my phone sleepily.


“Colton?” I sit up, sleep completely forgotten about. Looking at the clock next to my bed, I see it’s 11:30 p.m.

“Were you sleeping?” he asks, and I blink into the dark.

“It’s after eleven,” I reply. Then ask, “Is everything okay?”

“Everything’s okay. I just pulled into your driveway.”

“What?” I utter, wondering if I heard him correctly.

“You’ve still got the key for my Suburban,” he says, and instantly I feel like an idiot.

“I’m so sorry. I totally spaced giving it back to you. I’ll be out in a minute.” I hang up. Throwing the covers back, I get out of bed then walk across the room to flip on the light. I grab my bag and dig through for his key then pull out a sweater from the dresser that Ned brought over. I put it on over my tank top and sleep shorts as I head toward the front door, unlocking the deadbolt and knob when I get there, and pull the door open.

Seeing Colton standing on the front porch with his leather jacket soaked from the rain that is steadily falling and his cheeks pink from the cold, I look over his shoulder and see a motorcycle parked behind my Jeep in the driveway. “I’m so sorry.” I hand him his key. “I would have dropped it off to you.”

“I wouldn’t ask you to leave your grandma to do that.” He shoves it into his pocket. “I would have left you with the key until tomorrow, but I need the Suburban to move some shit from storage first thing in the morning.”

“Is that safe to ride when it’s raining?” I ask him, and he smiles.

“You worried about me?”

“No,” I lie, and his smile turns into a grin that makes my stomach flutter.

“We’ll get there, Dimples,” he retorts, and my stomach dances again as he reaches out, touching my chin before turning on his boots and heading down the steps, calling “go back to bed, Gia” over his shoulder.

“Don’t call me Dimples and don’t tell me what to do, Colton,” I tell his back as he walks across the yard to his bike. Leaning against the doorjamb with my arms crossed over my chest, I watch him put on his helmet then straddle the seat before he starts up the engine.

“Inside, Gia. Get out of the cold,” he yells over the rumble of his bike.

Rolling my eyes, I pull myself off the door and go inside, closing it behind me only to lift up on my tiptoes and watch him take off through the peephole wishing I had a better view. Once he’s out of sight, I go back to my bedroom, turn off the light, take off my sweater, and lie back down. Looking at the ceiling, I wonder if it’s safe for him to ride in the rain. Then I wonder if he might get pneumonia from riding in the rain. Then wonder again if it’s safe for him to be on his bike when the roads are wet.

Grabbing my cell phone, I type up a quick text message then let my fingers hover over the send key before deciding I won’t be able to sleep unless I know he got home okay. Hearing my cell phone beep twenty minutes later, I pick it up and stare at the screen and his message.

Home safe. Glad to see you’re still thinking about me.

“So arrogant,” I growl, dropping the phone to my stomach only to pick it up a second later just to type, Whatever. Goodnight. Turning off the ringer so I’m not tempted to look at it if it beeps again, I set the phone on my nightstand then roll to my side. Pulling the covers up over my shoulder, I eventually fall asleep, but when I do, I dream about a gorgeous guy with dark hair and eyes, whisking me away on his motorcycle.


The next morning I watch Grandma lying on her back with her head disappearing into the CAT scan machine. I hold my breath when she starts to lift her hand, but then relax when she rests it back at her side. She didn’t want to do this test. She was adamant about not doing it, but the doctor, Nina, and I eventually got her to agree that she needed it done.

During our appointment with the doctor, she looked Grandma over then listened as Nina and I told her about what’s been going on about her being more confused lately and her thinking I’m my mom, her daughter who passed away years ago. I could tell the doctor was concerned, but knew that even more when she told us she was ordering a CAT scan.

I continue to watch through the glass, my eyes going from Grandma to the clock on the wall. The doctor said the whole thing would take less than ten minutes, and thankfully, she didn’t lie. Getting a thumbs-up from the technician letting me know he’s done, I head back into the room alone, since Nina stepped out to call Ned.

“You can go ahead and help her get dressed. The doctor will be calling you with the results within the next couple of days.”

“Thank you,” I tell him, taking Grandma’s clothes over to where she’s now sitting wearing nothing but a hospital gown.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it, Grandma?” I ask her as I help her out of the gown.

“I guess not,” she says, and I notice her hands are shaking again like they always do when she’s freaked about something that is happening.

“Do you feel like stopping to get lunch on the way home?” I ask wanting to distract her.


“What do you feel like eating?”

“Cake,” she answers, then adds, “Chocolate cake.”

“You want to have cake for lunch?” I smile, helping her with her bra and sweater.

“Why not?”

“You’re right. Why not?” I reply quietly, helping her sit again so I can get on her shoes. Once she’s dressed, I take her hand and walk her over to the door.

“How did it go?” Nina asks as soon as we step into the hallway.

“Good. We should hear from the doctor in a couple days,” I tell her, and she looks relieved. “Thanks again for coming with us.”

“Anytime, dear’.” She reaches toward me, taking my hand and giving it a squeeze before letting it go. That small gesture makes me love her all the more.

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