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Very Twisted Things (Briarcrest Academy #3)(14)
Author: Ilsa Madden-Mills

“She never makes over me like that, and she’s my pet,” Spider called from the pool.

I grunted. Spider had bought her from a roadie a few years ago, but I’m the one who ended up taking care of her. I fed her, walked her, took her to the puppy salon. Hell, I’d even taken her to a movie premiere once. “You’re my baby, aren’t you? The only girl I need,” I cooed to her as she licked my hand.

Spider climbed out, his lean body dripping water as he walked over to grab a towel. I flicked my eyes at Mila, who was still swimming. “Tell me you didn’t mess with Mila.” I kept my voice low.

He froze. “Sod off.”

I stiffened. “Fuck you. She’s too young—”

“Twenty-three, same as us.”

I scowled. “I feel responsible for her. Remember the drummer she met in Austin that screwed her over? Took her months to recover from catching him with another chick. Don’t be part of the problem, man.”

He settled back on the lounger and reached for his drink. “Nothing’s going on between us.”

“Dude. It’s nearly two in the morning. Nothing good happens late.”

He lit a cig. “She’s here because her apartment’s being painted. The fumes were making her sick. I would have told you, but you were already in the bed.”

If that was the whole story, then why did he keep looking at her like she was a slice of his favorite pie?

I exhaled and stood up, ready for my walk. “All I’m saying is if you touch her—well, then you gotta marry her or some shit.”

He eyed me carefully, a hard glint in his gaze. “I don’t see why you’d care. You had your chance with her and didn’t take it. Do you regret it? Do you want her now?”

I groaned. “I also used to wear loafers and button-downs. Things change, but she will always be one of my dearest friends. And that means protecting her from assholes who just want to get in her pants.”

He blew out a trail of smoke. “Like I said: sod off.”

I snapped at his nonchalance. “Don’t play with her. She deserves better.”

He jerked up and glared at me with clenched fists, a red flush on his cheeks. “Why? What’s wrong with me?”

My shoulders squared. Bigger and bulkier than him, I didn’t doubt that I could kick his ass, but he also had the wiry thing going for him. “I didn’t mean that the way it sounded, but take a good look at yourself. You drink too much, get in fights, and use girls. I don’t want Mila part of that. The truth is … you aren’t over Dovey.” Dovey was his best friend at Briarcrest Academy, the chick he’d loved desperately, only she’d chosen Cuba Hudson—the rich football player—over him.

I muttered, “Look, you brought up Emma and the reunion last week, but you’re going to have to face Dovey and Cuba when we go back. They’re going to be all over each other. Are you ready for that?”

He narrowed his eyes.

I nodded. “You’re in no shape to date Mila.”

His chest heaved, the veins in his neck causing his black widow tattoo to bulge. “You think I’m worthless. Just like everyone else.”

Pain sliced through me at the hurt in his voice, and I immediately deflated. “God, no. Never. You’re my number one. Me and you, we’re like G-strings and strippers, beer and pretzels. Hell, you’re the one who thought of us wearing the mink coats on stage. Just—she’s not like the girls on the road. She’s—”

“What’s going on?” Mila said, coming up next to us as she rubbed a towel over her face. Her eyes went from me to Spider. “Are you two arguing?”

We gave her nothing but silence. Except for Monster. Known to be spastic, she barked at Mila and then bolted across the yard—headed straight for Violin Girl’s property.

Dammit! “Come back!” I yelled as she disappeared. I sprinted after her, dodging the shrubs and evergreen trees that separated our properties. I stepped in a hole and twisted my ankle but kept going. Breathing hard and near limping, I came to an abrupt halt when I reached Violin Girl’s patio area. Shock ran through me. I was exactly where I didn’t need to be. Then, Monster sent me a wild-eyed look from the edge of the pool and promptly took a flying leap into the water.


Her head kept going under and popping back up. She was tiny—too tiny to even get out if she got to the edge. I stripped my jeans off and dove in, reaching her just as she sank. I dove under, grabbed her and backstroked to the edge of the pool. I set her down on the concrete where she immediately coughed up water, her little body vibrating. Using my arms, I leveraged myself out of the pool and picked her up. She licked me and I let out a sigh of relief. “Dammit, Monster, you scared the shit out of me.”

Feeling eyes on me, I turned to face the owner of the house.

She stood on her upstairs balcony, wide eyes staring as water dripped down my chest, the imprint of my male anatomy obvious from my tight black boxers. Her pool was heated—halleluiah—and my manhood stood firm. At least I wouldn’t have to hold Monster in front of my crotch to hide my frozen balls.

She leaned over her ornate iron railing, her mouth a perfect O. She ran her eyes over my chest and abs and then to my package. Then, she clutched both sides of her robe and shoved it closed.

I grinned.

Too late, babe, I’d seen all of that.

“This guy was some kind of dog superhero. Huh. Is there a Justice League for that?”

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